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Dear Friends of ACS,

I'm sorry for the delay in getting out the newsletter and putting
the new stones on the site.  I'm afraid it was deja vue all over
again, only this time it was Carol's turn to get to go to Yuma
Regional to be prodded, X-rayed, CAT scanned and bled.  She's now
home and doing well. Baxter has been doing a great job of
discouraging wandering tomcats who visit every spring.  He has a
neat trick.  If a cat approaches him with an 'attitude', Baxter
just whomps him on the top of the head and knocks him out---seriously!

Site News:

New cabochons will be introduced on Wednesday, April 12th, at 6:00pm
MST (9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain Daylight, 6:00 Pacific).
There will be two faceted gems introduced at that time. New faceted
gems will be introduced at 6:00 pm MST each Wednesday.

I cannot stress enough the importance of basic gemological training
for those interested in collecting gems.  Barbara Smigel's course
is wonderful and it's right on the ACS site.  Each month I receive
emails basically saying, "I bought this gem.  What is it?"  Three
weeks ago I received an extraordinary email from an aspiring gem
dealer who had bought an alexandrite that was purple and didn't
have a color change.  It also didn't have the same hardness as an
amethyst.  Yikes!  Hardness testing is an awful way to test gems.  A
gem with a Moh's hardness of 8.5 can be damaged if it's rubbed
against a piece of quartz because the facet junctions can be chipped.
I strongly recommended ISG classes to him.  You've got to wonder
how many bad purchases it would take to equal the cost of the ISG

New cabochons for April will include two beautiful bluish green
aquaprase gems, one a 15.3x10.4mm rectangular cushion and the
other a 16.7x8.2mm pear.  A pair of Oregon sunstones having a rose
gold color and a strong sheen caused by copper platelets will be
offered, ovals measuring 8.1x6.0mm.  Another Oregon sunstone will
be listed which is a 9.9x8mm oval having a light coppery pink
color. An andesine feldspar from Oregon, a 9.0mm round, will be
offered which has a medium/dark red color.  Another andesine
feldspar will be listed which shows a green sheen against a dark
red background.  A beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoise will be
offered--a 21.3 x 12.6 x 3.1mm rectangular cushion. A 14x10mm
oval carved Mozambique garnet will be introduced which has tiny
carved half spheres on the bottom which reflect light through the
top.  It's a fantastic effect.  Four lovely Sri Lankan moonstones
will be listed. The largest is a 12x10mm oval having a bright
perfectly orientated silvery adularescence with a light blue tint.
A 9.1x7mm oval will be offered which has a nice medium-light blue
adularescence which is also perfectly orientated.  An 8.0mm round
with darker blue flashes will be offered, as will a transparent
gem having a similar medium blue adularescence.

This month, I will actually remember to list the carved amethyst
rose.  This carving was created from a gem quality Uruguayan
amethyst crystal and drilled in two different directions.  I'm
amazed at this reddish purple creation every time I look at it.

On Wednesday, two faceted gems will be offered.  One is a bright
medium green 6.5mm square cushion tourmaline from Namibia.  The
other is a rather large 15.8x 14mm Victoria rectangular cushion
blue topaz having a bright medium blue color.  During the rest
of April, I will be cutting an orangish pink tourmaline, a medium-
light mint tourmaline, a pinkish orange malaya garnet and a small
teal blue tourmaline from Namibia.

April Birthstone----  Diamond

Monthly Special-----  Amethyst

I hope everyone has had a nice April so far.  I've been a bit lost for
words because I usually say that this is going to be the year the Cubs
win the World Series and a good laugh is had by all!  Please pay a
visit to and have a wonderful second half of April.

Warm Regards,


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