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Dear Friends of ACS,

I hope everyone had a pleasant April like we had here in Yuma.
For about two weeks when the orange trees are in blossom, this
area smells like Chanel #5 and even if the daytime highs are
in the high 90's, the temperatures drop into the 60's at night
because there is no humidity to hold the heat in.  Nice!

Site News:

New cabochons will be introduced on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 6:00pm
MST(9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain Daylight, 6:00 Pacific).
One new faceted stone will also be introduced.  New faceted gems will
be offered one each Wednesday at 6:00 pm MST.

One of the decisions each faceter must make is the shape to chose for
each piece of gem rough.  There are many shapes to chose from and the
gem cutter has to pick a shape that is compatible with the shape of
the rough stone---to a point.  I went through what I call my "boom-
erang period" in the early 1980's and learned something interesting.
People don't really care for asymetrical freeform gems.  I cut a
beautifully colored aquamarine freeform in about 1985 and it sold--
25 years later!  I used to cut a lot of emerald cut gems, but found
that people prefer the brighter Supernova ovals.  This does affect
the way I buy rough tourmaline.  If the crystal has a nasty C-axis
color(the color in the long direction of the crystal), the Supernova
cut will reflect that color across the center of the gem. I also cut
and lot of round and square cushion brilliants, all modified to be a
bit brighter.  The cuts I use have also been influenced by the price
of gold.  I try to avoid cutting gems that will necessitate a custom
mounting and the costs involved with that.  The cost of the gold that
goes into a mounting is about four times what it was ten years ago.
For me, that means no more boomerangs!

New cabochons for May will include a 13.5x10.1mm oval aquaprase having
a medium to medium/light bluish green color. An additional aquaprase
will be be a 15x10.5mm rectangular cushion with a medium bluish green
color. A graceful, very translucent aquaprase pear having a medium-light
bluish green color will also be listed, as will a 9.6mm triangular cush-
ion.  A Sleeping Beauty turquoise 11.2x5.9 oval and a 8.9x6.0mm pear will
be offered together.  I think they could be mounted together to  make a
beautiful ring or pendant.  My contribution to the May cabs is an unusual
18.1x11.1mm pear shaped agate having a red band running through the center,
top to bottom. The chalcedony on both sides of the red band is very trans-
lucent.  A beautiful Oregon sunstone earring and pendant set will be
listed--two 7.9x5.9mm ovals and one 9x7mm oval.  They show a lovely
reddish coppery adularescence.  Two andesine feldspar rounds will be
offered, an 8.7mm and a 9.0mm which show flashes of green, especially in
natural and fluorescent lighting.  Another new gem will be an outstanding
deep reddish purple 12.5x10.5mm Siberian amethyst from Uruguay.  It has
one tiny bubble-like inclusion visible at 10x and I'm surprised it wasn't
faceted.  Three Sri Lankan moonstones will also be listed for May.  One
is a 9.8mm round which has light, slightly bluish silvery flashes.
Another round measuring 8.1mm shows a medium-light slightly silvery blue
adularescence.  A transparent 9x6.8mm oval will be introduced which shows
a very nice medium-light blue adularescence. 

The first faceted gem for May will be a 7.2x6.0mm slightly bluish green
Supernova oval. The rough that this gem was cut from had an awful shape,
bit its color really got my attention and I had to have it.  I will be
faceting a fairly large(hopefully) pink tourmaline from Nigeria, a Tan-
zanian malaya garnet, at least one electric blue topaz and a peridot from
Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  It has extremely
nice color.  I have managed to get a nice, light mint green tourmaline
crystal from Afghanistan and I will be cutting it this month.  Fifty
years of being a Cubs fan keep me from saying anything too nice about it
for fear of putting a curse on the project---seriously!

May Birthstone----     Emerald

Monthly Special---     Ammolite

I hope that May showers--and snow for you folks in Kansas--will bring
May showers.  In Yuma, May ushers usually ushers in 110 degree heat
with 5% humidity!  Please pay a visit to  and
enjoy the warm spring or fall if you live south of the Equator.

Warm Regards,


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