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Dear Friends of ACS,

I hope everyone had a pleasant month of May. Like many areas of
the U.S., the Yuma area went from nice cool weather right into
hot summer conditions.  Baxter is spending  his days in the
gem cutting room and will be there until October.  His main
occupation is stealing treats from the other cats.   

Site News:

New cabochons will be introduced on Wednesday, June 6th, at
6:00 pm MST( 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain Daylight,
6:00 Pacific). One faceted gem will also be listed at that time.
New faceted gems will be introduced at 6:00 pm MST each Wednesday
as they are completed. 

New cabochons for June will include a pendant and earring set of
chrysoprase.  The pendant stone is a 23x12mm oval and the earring
stones measure 8.7x6.8mm.  From the Wessels Mine in South Africa
comes a neon purple sugulite oval measuring 13.7x7.9mm.  A medium-
dark pure red coral oval will be listed which measures 8.9x6.8mm.
It will be joined by a bright reddish orange oval measuring 10x8mm
and an 11.6x9.2mm oval.  A medium to medium-light Sleeping Beauty
turquoise will be offered which measures 10.3x9.6mm.  A beautiful
pair of bustamites will be introduced which measure 7.2x5.2mm.
These are the lighter orangish pink, highly translucent bustamites
from Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia.  They will be
joined by a pair of 5.0mm square bustamites having a reddish
orange color.  A fairly large 16.8x 11.0mm rectangular cushion
having a medium coral color will also be introduced.  Two new
variscite ovals will be listed, one measuring 13.11mm and the
other a 16.6.7mm oval having a more bluish tone.  Both are from
Nevada.  A 14.2x10mm malachite oval will be introduced that has
which has deep green and medium green banding. A 20x15 malachite
oval will be introduced which has a nicely centered bull's eye
pattern.  From Plush, Oregon, comes a beautiful sunstone with a
schiller caused by copper platelets.  A Wollo opal from Ethiopia
will be offered which has a remarkable pin fire play of color.
It is a 12.2x7.2mm pear and even the bottom of this opal is

The first faceted gem for June will be a 5mm round mint green
tourmaline from Namibia.  It is extremely bright.  It's difficult
to predict how many stones I'll cut in June because of some
minor eye problems and some major dental work I need to get done.
Yuma is NOT a good place to be if you have dry eye problems crop
up after surgery.  It's currently 108 F. with 7% humidity!  I am
going to get a color-change malaya garnet completed which comes
from a new Tanzanian deposit, a Santa Maria aquamarine and a
purple garnet from a new deposit in Mozambique.  I love purple
garnets and these stones are clean.

June Birthstones:         Pearl, Alexandrite

Monthly Special(20% off)  Less Common Gems

I hope everyone has a wonderful month of June.  If, for some
reason, I won't be putting a new faceted stone on the What's
New page:
I will close the store temporily at 4 pm MST.  Hopefully, I won't
have to do this.  Enjoy the summer weather!

Warm Regards,


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