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Dear Friends of ACS,

May was wonderful in Yuma, with just a single day above 110
degrees. With the humidity between 10% and 15%, even the 110
didn't feel that bad.  May also brought Baxter three new
kittens to play with.  It's hilarious to see a five week old
kitten attack a tail attached to a 15 lb. tomcat!

Site News:

New cabochons for June will be introduced on Wednesday, June 7th,
at 6:00pm MST(9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain Daylight,
6:00 Pacific). One faceted gem will also be listed at that time.
New faceted gems will be listed at 6:00 pm MST on each Wednesday
during June.

When I'm writing a description of a gem, quite often I will include
the phrase, "cut from a beautiful nodule".  Last month, I realized
that I had never explained the term 'nodule' or listed the gems to
which the term applies.  A nodule is "a rounded mass of water-
clear gem material that occurs in the central part of an otherwise
flawed crystal"(Gems & Gemology, Spring 1989). Although the nodules
do not follow the crystal shape of the crystal in which they are
formed, they actually possess a greater crystalline perfection than
the outer areas of the crystal.  Nodules are not perfectly round
and with tourmaline, the thinner dimension runs parallel to the
optic axis(C-axis).  This also holds true for beryl nodules, but
not for garnet nodules.  The surface of nodules is usually smooth
and glassy---just beautiful to look at.  I've attached a photo
of a garnet nodule from Tanzania and several Nigerian mint green
nodules that produced bright gems that were flawless at 40x. They
were a joy to facet!

New cabochons for June will include a set of Brazilian agate cabs
that came from the same agate. There are five 12x10 ovals and a
matching 20x15mm oval for a necklace, one 16x12mm oval for a ring
and a pair of 9x7mm ovals for earrings.  This was a fun, but
demanding project.  A 16x14mm oval Montana girasol agate will be
introduced, as will a 22x16.1mm rectangular cushion with a unique
pattern.  Two agates from Mexico will be listed---a 22x16mm
rectangular cushion with concentric yellow bands and a pinkish
tan 19x14mm oval that has banding so tight that it produces the
parallax effect, which is shadows that move as the stone is
moved.  A 25.1x18mm oval bloodstone will be introduced which has
a red area centered on a green background.  An exceptional
Oregon sunstone will be offered which has a bright schiller caused
by copper platelets.  It is a 10x8mm oval.  A pair of 8x6mm ovals
from the same mine will also be listed. New aquaprase cabochons
will include a beautiful, clean bluish green 22.6x14.5mm oval, an
11.8.5mm pear, a glowing 11.7mm round, a top quality 12x9.3mm
rectangular cushion and two trilliants, a 9.9mm and a 9.4mm, which
could be set up in an exceptional ring or pendant.  New Sleeping
Beauty turquoise gems will be an 11.5x9.5mm oval, a 14.9x8.7mm
pear, a 9.0mm round, a 13.6x10.8 rectangular cushion and an 11.0mm
round.  These gems all have a wonderful robin's egg blue color.

The first faceted gem for June will be a medium to medium-dark
red rhodolite from Tanzania. During June I will be faceting a
purplish/red rhodolite garnet(the nodule pictured), an orangish
pink malaya garnet, a small rectangular bluish green rectangular
tourmaline, a pink Nigerian tourmaline and an electric blue topaz.
It's going to be a little difficult for me to forecast how many
stones I'll get cut in June because I have to go to the dentist--
a lot.

June Birthstone---- Pearl, Alexandrite       

Monthly Special---- Pearl

I'm sorry the newsletter has run a bit long.  Please pay a visit to   and have fun welcoming in the summer---or winter!

Warm Regards,


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