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Dear Friends of ACS,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  April is the
month of sunny days and cool nights in Yuma and most of the
winter visitors have left, easing the traffic problems.  I
think it was time for the visitors to head north.  Our post
office was run over twice in March.  One of the assailants
fled the scene, but had to return because her license plate
was embedded in wall.  Only in Yuma...

Site News:

New cabochons for April will be introduced on Wednesday,
April 4th, at 6:00 pm MST (9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central,
7:00 Mountain Daylight, 6:00 Pacific).  Arizona doesn't
go on daylight savings time, mainly because in August we
can have temperatures close to 100 F. at midnight.

It has probably been noticed that I've cut quite a few
Montana agates.  Most came from a ranch near Pompey's
Pillar where we used to get our calves.  On this ranch,
agates, fossils, agate arrowheads and scrapers could be
found. In 1970, I was helping fight a large wild fire
on a neighboring ranch, which was fun for about five
minutes.  While running from one outbreak to another, I
spotted beautiful whole agates and crammed them into my
pockets.  I learned that if you stuff agates into your
pockets and run in hot weather, the agates will remove
your skin, causing you to walk funny for about a week.

New cabochons for April will include a beautiful red
coral pendant and earring set comprised of two 9x7mm
ovals and a 12.2x9mm oval.  A Sri Lankan moonstone set
of two 8mm rounds and an 8.9 mm round will also be
listed.  A pair of 9x7mm oval moonstones will also be
introduced.  Three variscite cabochons will also be listed:
a light green 13.4x10mm oval, a medium-light green 16.2x
12.4mm oval and a medium green 14x9.5mm oval.  A new
Sleeping Beauty turquoise will be an 11.2mm round.  A
beautiful transparent aquamarine oval measuring 13.2x
10.7mm will also be introduced.  A rather stunning set of
Yerilla chrysoprase comprised of two 9x6.8 ovals and an
11.3x8.8mm ovals will be listed and a 10x8 oval will be
listed separately.  A 10.8x8.8mm oval iolite will be
listed, as will a stunning 12.7x7.8mm oval sugilite from
the Wessels Mine in South Africa.  A set of malachite
comprised of two 12x10mm ovals and a 20x15mm oval will
be offered, as will a pair of 10x8mm oval malachite gems.
A new gem carving will be an intricately carved jade
tablet measuring 40x23mm.  This was carved by the master
carver in China who has his workshop on his roof. His work
is simply fantastic.  A new jewelry item will be be a pair
of 14K yellow gold iolite earrings with 3.75mm round

New faceted gemstones for April will include a very well
cut ametrine and my first gem will be a slightly pinkish
red Nigerian tourmaline.  It is an 11.1x 8.2mm emerald
cut, weighing 4.92 cts.  I plan to cut more of these
wonderful tourmalines this month, as well as Santa Maria
Afrique aquamarine, a rare golden grossular garnet from
Asbestos, Canada and I will be working on a two stone
ring with rare garnets.  It will be a busy month!

April Birthstone----  Diamond

Monthly Special-----  Quartz

I hope everyone has a beautiful April.  Please pay a visit to and enjoy the spring/fall weather!

Warm Regards,


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