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Dear Friends of ACS,

I hope everyone's September was as wonderful as what we
experienced in Yuma.  Cool, dry air moved in a full month
ahead of schedule and we're actually having fall weather!

Site News:

New cabochons will be introduced on Wednesday, October 4th,
at 6:00 pm MST(9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain
Daylight, 6:00 Pacific. One new faceted gem will be introduced
at that time.  New faceted gems will be listed on Wednesdays
at this same time as I get them completed.

I have some great news for gem enthusiasts who live outside
the U.S.  USPS, in conjunction with the postal services of
most other countries, have made it possible to track parcels
right to their destinations.  I won't have to send stones
by registered mail and overseas buyers will no longer be
asked to chip in $12 to cover half of the shipping costs.

I will be having cataract surgery in October, but will continue
to facet until the 17th.  I think it's probably time to do
this.  The other night, there was a bright crescent moon and
I got to see four of them.  While I was driving on I-8, I
demonstrated my ability to read the big signs over the highway
for Dan and he immediately checked to make sure his airbag
was activated---what a big baby!

New cabochons for October will include an agate that came from
Rancho Coyomuto  in northern Chihuahua, Mexico. Some of the
most beautiful agates ever mined came from this area four
decades ago.  The world famous Laguna agates also came from
this area and these are now collector gems.  This agate is a
26.2x19x5.7mm oval showing gold and pink banding and a nice
glow from its girasol effect.  Another oval agate will be a
20x15mm which has a nice combination of orange and lavender
banding.  It's from Rio Grande du Sol, Brazil.  Several
bustamite gems will be introduced--a 12x11.1 window, a pair
of 8x6mm ovals, a 10.3x6.0mm oval and a 15.8x7.8mm oval. All
of these Australian gems have that beautiful reddish pink
color which is unique to bustamite. An 11x9x4.7 reddish coral
colored bustamite will also be listed.  An outstanding
aquaprase will be offered which has more blue than most and
this 12.3x9.6x4.7mm oval is very translucent and problem free.
A 12.19x6.5mm medium-dark amethyst oval will be listed, as
will several Sleeping Beauty turquoise gems from Arizona.
A 10.9mm round with a depth of 4.6mm will be offered which has
an outstanding medium robin's egg blue color.  A 14x12.5.2mm
rectangular cushion and a 12.1x10x4.6 oval will also be listed.
A 12mm(3.8mm depth) square cushion will be offered which has
a medium light blue color.  Incidentally, all of these gems
have been tested with a hot point and pure Clorox to make sure
they haven't been dyed or are part plastic. 

New faceted gems for October will include a medium blue fancy
round aquamarine from Mozambique.  It will be listed on October 4th. I will be faceting at least one more small Mozambique aqua in
October.  I also plan to cut an 'oxblood' citrine which will
have a deep reddish brown color, a malaya garnet, a pink
tourmaline and a fire opal from Mexico.  If I can't list any
new faceted gems because of the surgery, I'll temporarily
close the store with a message by 4 pm MST to let everyone

October Birthstones:    Tourmaline, Opal

Monthly Special:         Opal

I hope everyone has a wonderful October and a fun Halloween.
Please pay a visit to  and enjoy the crisp
fall weather! 

Warm Regards,


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