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Dear Friends of ACS,

I hope everyone survived the month of January.  It even got
cold in Yuma and the night it got down to 40 degrees, we
ended up with 10 cats in the house, five of whom were in bed
with us.  Baxter, with his three inch long fur, prefers to
be up on the roof surveying his domain.

Site News:

New cabochons will be introduced on Wednesday, February 7th,
at 6:00pm MST(8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central, 5:00 Pacific).
At that time, one faceted stone will be offered.

When you have a site like ACS, you receive an amazing number
of offers from people wanting to help you.  People contact me
because my photos aren't the best and they can edit them for me
by removing things like inclusions and adjusting the colors--
AND you just pass the cost of this service on to the customers.
I get at least three emails per day from people who want to
check the wording on the site to make sure the words are those
which Google likes.  I once had that kind of service and every
time they went into the site, they created havoc.  Who can
forget the time they put in commercial links to vendors I'd
never even heard of and offered services I don't provide
without telling me?  When I told them I couldn't afford the fee
increase for their bungling, I was told to just pass the cost
on to the customers.  Of course!

New cabochons for February will include three aquamarines from
Mozambique.  The largest is a 15x10.9x5.0mm rectangle having a
medium-light greenish blue color.  A light blue 12x10x6.3mm
oval will be offered which shows a cat's eye.  A 13x6x4.8mm
rectangular cushion will be listed which has a beautiful medium
blue color. A top quality aquaprase rectangle will be offered
which has an outstanding blue/green color. It measures 13.2x10.1x
7.4mm.  An Oregon sunstone will be offered which has a medium
copper color due to copper bearing platelets.  It measures
9x7x4.4mm.  This is my favorite color in this gem material. Two
pairs of bustamites, both measuring 9x7mm, will be introduced.
One pair has a pinkish orange color and the other a coral pink
color.  They are both highly translucent.  Another bustamite will
be an 18x13x5.5mm oval having a bright coral color.  This is
fairly large for a bustamite. New Sleeping Beauty turquoise gems
will include a 12x10x4.2mm oval, a 9.0mm square cushion with a
depth of 3.8mm and a 10.0mm round with a depth of 4.2mm.  This
gem has a greenish blue color rather than the robin's egg blue
color.  Two Uruguayan amethyst ovals will be offered which have
a medium to medium-dark velvety purple color.  One measures
10x5x4.5mm and the other 15x10.5x6.5mm.  New blue moonstones
will include a transparent 8.9x6.6mm oval showing a medium blue
adularescence and an 8.0mm round with a depth of 4.0mm. This gem
shows blue adularescence in two places, so the blue is always

The first faceted gem for February will be a Mahenge garnet oval.
I will be faceting the aquamarine I had planned to cut in
January and a red rhodolite garnet from Tanzania. I also plan to
facet at least one pink tourmaline and a small green tourmaline
from Namibia. A deep Siberian amethyst is also on my 'to do'
list.  I'll try not to get sidetracked this month, but getting
sidetracked by tourmalines from Mozambique isn't all bad!

February Birthstone:   Amethyst

Monthly Special:       Amethyst

I hope everyone has a wonderful February.  Please pay a visit to and enjoy the Winter Olympics!

Warm Regards,


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