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In this listing you'll find an alphabetically arranged collection of pairs, lots and suites of matching or similar items.

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MS-1760 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $98.00
OP-6106 Carved Opal Doublet
Price $100.00
OP-6266 Peruvian Opal
Price $75.00
OP-7011 Boulder Opal Pair
Price $142.00
OP-7100 Opal Doublets
Price $56.00
OP-9194B Boulder Opals
Price $82.00
OP-9254 Opal Doublet Carved Butterfly Wings
Price $100.00
OP-9264 Australian Opal Carvings
Price $55.00
Q-1215 Rose Quartz Earring Jackets
Price $46.00
Q-1279 Star Rose Quartz Pair
Price $80.00
Q-1508 Star Rose Quartz
Price $85.00
Q-5728B Carved Citrine Pair: 7.24 ct. tw.
Price $91.00
Q-9279 Carved Rock Crystal Beads
Price $135.00
RH-6594 Rhodocrosite Set
Price $72.00
RQ-1808 Star Rose Quartz Pari
Price $48.00
SS-1830 Oregon Sunstone Pair
Price $47.00
T-1070 Rubellite Tourmaline Pair
Price $70.20
T-1152 Rubellite Tourmaline
Price $125.00
T-2811B Carved Tourmaline Set: 36.7 ct. tw.
Price $330.30
T-7933 Rubellite Pair
Price $117.00

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