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In this category you'll find an alphabetical listing of gemstones such as: Agate, Amethyst, Ammolite, Ametrine, Andalusite, Aquamarine, Baltic Amber and Black Onyx

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BE-3931B Bicolored Beryl Carving: 56.1 ct.
Price $1,122.00
BE-4973B Golden Beryl: 6.7 ct.
Price $302.00
BO-2806J Black Onyx/Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Price $175.00
BO-5086B Black Onyx and White Plume Agate Doublet: 14.6 ct.
Price $51.00
BR-4366B Brazilianite: 3.17 ct.
Price $396.00
BU-5520B Gem Bustamite: 17.8 ct.
Price $445.00
CA-8030 Dieter Lorenz Carnelian Carving
Price $295.00
CR-8021 Cat's Eye Alexandrite
Price $2,850.00
J-8000 Laguna Agate Custom Carved Pendant
Price $1,850.00
PZ-8034 Pezzottaite
Price $1,100.00
Q-6081 Fancy Ametrine Carving
Price $125.00
T-4355J Pink and Green Tourmaline 14k White Gold Pin: 2.50 ct. tw.
Price $364.50

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