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In this category you'll find an alphabetically arranged group of gemstones such as Carnelian, Chrome Diopside, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Coral, Chrysoberyl, Danburite, Dinosaur Bone, Drusy, Emerald, Fire Agate, Garnet and Golden Beryl

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GO-6508 Goethite Cabochon
Price $37.00
GQ-5611B Gold in Quartz: 21.9 ct.
Price $1,643.00
GQ-6328 Alaskan Gold in Quartz
Price $275.00
GR-2328B Granite "Touchstone": 39.8 ct.
Price $31.00
GR-4277B "Graphic" Granite: 37.6 ct.
Price $56.00
JKT-6586 18K Yellow and White Gold Tsavorite Necklace
Price $1,950.00
PY-4385B Drusy Pyrite: ~ 55ct.
Price $558.00
PZ-8034 Pezzottaite
Price $1,100.00
Q-9000 Gilaite in Quartz
Price $170.00
TG-6034 Tsavorite Garnet
Price $270.00

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