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In this group you'll find an alphabetically arranged collection of such gems as: Hematite, Intarsia/Inlay Gems, Iolite, Jasper, Jade, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Morganite, Moonstone, Mexican & Precious Opal, Peridot and Pearl.

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OP-5802B Peruvian Pink Opal Bead: 44.9 ct.
Price $135.00
OP-7059 Cat's Eye Opal
Price $97.60
You Save: $24.40
OP-8003 Boulder Opal Bead
Price $150.00
OP-8035 Solid Precious Opal
Price $425.00
OP-8097 Mexican Fire Opal Tablet
Price $105.00
OR-4304B Orthoclase: 4.4 ct.
Price $154.00
P-3131B Peridot: 3.85 ct.
Price $231.00
P-5001B Peridot Carving: 7.3 ct.
Price $183.00
P-6702 Chinese Cultured Freshwater Pearl Cluster
Price $72.00
PA-5864B Calcite with Pagasite Crystals: 15.6 ct.
Price $133.00
PE-4878B Cultured American Abalone Blister Pearl Carving: 14.0 ct.
Price $240.00
PE-5900B Hand Carved American Abalone Blister Pearl: 17.2 ct.
Price $215.00
PET-4310B Petalite: 7.8 ct.
Price $312.00
PR-2696B Prehnite: 2.66 ct.
Price $266.00
PR-6506 Prehnite Carving
Price $82.00
PY-9012 Pyrite Crystals in Schist
Price $65.00
PZ-8034 Pezzottaite
Price $1,100.00

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