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Amethyst is quartz that ranges in color from light (sometimes called Rose d' France) to dark purple. With hardness of 7 it makes a good jewelry stone. Amethyst is the Birthstone for the month of February.

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AM-1059 Siberian Amethyst
Price $54.00
AM-1113 Siberian Amethyst
Price $72.00
AM-1343 Siberian Amethyst
Price $42.00
AM-1387 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $70.00
AM-1390 Uruguayan Amethyst
Price $101.00
AM-1393 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $64.00
AM-1395 Siberian Amethyst
Price $68.00
AM-1397 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $54.00
AM-1403 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $55.00
AM-1405 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $42.00
AM-1440 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $70.00
AM-1537 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $52.00
AM-1576 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $52.00
AM-1714 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $32.00
AM-1750 'Siberian' Amethyst Set
Price $63.00
AM-1759 'Siberian' Amethyst Pair
Price $41.00
AM-1829 Siberian Amethyst
Price $110.00
AM-1831 Siberian Amethyst
Price $43.00
AM-1833 Uruguayan Amethyst
Price $72.00
AM-1835 Siberian Amethyst
Price $64.00
AM-1839 Siberian Amethyst
Price $38.00
AM-1841 Siberian Amethyst
Price $48.00
AM-1877 Siberian Amethyst
Price $62.00
AM-1937 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $42.00
AM-2910B Brazilian Amethyst: 14.32 ct.
Price $358.00
AM-3028B Uruguayan Amethyst: 9.67 ct.
Price $338.00
AM-3523B Amethyst: 14.26 ct.
Price $570.00
AM-4023B Amethyst: 9.25 ct.
Price $116.00
AM-4154B Amethyst: 11.3 ct.
Price $226.00
AM-4660J Amethyst and Imperial Jasper Sterling Necklace
Price $190.00
AM-6352 Siberian Amethyst
Price $225.00

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