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Ammolite is the name for the gem variety of fossilized ammonite. They are valued for their vibrant iridescent colors. A fragile gem, they should be set and worn with care.

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AMM-3589B Ammolite Doublet: 23.4 ct.
Price $199.00
AMM-4275B Ammolite: 9.1 ct.
Price $205.00
AMM-4486B Solid Ammolite 12.7 ct.
Price $254.00
AMM-5043B Solid Carved Ammolite: 16.3 ct
Price $326.00
AMM-5705B Solid Ammolite Carved Cabochon: 28.0 ct.
Price $336.00
AMM-9198B Ammolite
Price $42.00
AMM-9226 Ammolite
Price $69.00
AMM-9273 Ammolite
Price $58.00
IN-5410B Dinosaur Bone/Ammolite Intarsia: 37.3 ct.
Price $195.00

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