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Cat'seye Stones: This phenomenon occurs in many species of gems. Parallel fibers, growth tubes or other inclusions, must be present and the piece must be cut in the proper orientation in order to display the cat'seye optical effect. In order for the best eye to be seen lighting from a single pinpoint overhead location (or the sun) is optimal. Star Stones: When such inclusions are located in multiple crystal planes, stars of 4, 6, 8 or 12 legs can appear, depending on the crystallography of the species. As with cat'seye gems proper cutting orientation and viewing conditions are necessary for the best display.

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AP-9268 Cat's Eye Apatite
Price $47.20
You Save: $11.80
AQ-7458 Cat'seye Aquamarine
Price $140.00
AQ-7762 Cat's Eye Aquarmarine
Price $110.00
AQ-7934 Cat's Eye Aquamarine
Price $205.00
CEQ-7304 Cat's Eye Quartz
Price $85.00
CET-9107B Cat's Eye Tourmaline
Price $100.80
CF-7549 Cat's Eye Feldspar
Price $41.60
You Save: $10.40
CF-7573 Cat's Eye Feldspar
Price $33.60
You Save: $8.40
CQ-7763 Cat's Eye Quartz
Price $38.00
CR-4777B Cat'seye Chrysoberyl: 4.66 ct.
Price $3,029.00
OP-7059 Cat's Eye Opal
Price $122.00
OP-7173 Cat's Eye Opal
Price $119.00
Q-1122 Star Rose Quartz
Price $110.00
Q-1174 Star Rose Quartz
Price $100.00
Q-1364 Star Rose Quartz
Price $75.00
Q-1368 Star Rose Quartz
Price $86.00
Q-1415 Star Rose Quartz
Price $76.00
Q-1508 Star Rose Quartz
Price $85.00
Q-1535 Star Rose Quartz
Price $47.00
Q-1569 Star Rose Quartz
Price $52.00
RQ-1808 Star Rose Quartz Pari
Price $48.00
RQ-1810 Star Rose Quartz
Price $41.00
SQ-1754 Star Rose Quartz
Price $41.00

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