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Chalcedony is single color, translucent to opaque cryptocrystalline quartz. Many distinct varieties of chalcedony occur, such as: carnelian, chrysoprase, blue chalcedony and gem silica.

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AG-1515 Montana Girasol Agate
Price $32.00
AG-1605 Brazilian Girasol Agate
Price $42.00
AG-1610 'Royal Aztec' Agate
Price $65.00
AG-1622 Mexican Agate
Price $39.00
AG-1627 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1654 Brazilian Agate
Price $38.00
AG-1661 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1727 Brazilian Agate
Price $38.00
AG-1731 Brazilian Agate
Price $32.00
AG-1906 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1912 Chihuahua Agate
Price $42.00
AG-1927 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1934 Brazilian Agate
Price $45.00
AG-1998 Brazilian Agate
Price $42.00
AG-2056 Brazilian Agate
Price $43.00
AG-2061 Brazilian Agate
Price $50.00
AG-6131 Namibian Blue Chalcedony
Price $75.00
AG-6522 Polkadot Agate
Price $42.00
AG-7489 Snakeskin Agate
Price $35.00
AG-9152B Mexican Lace Agate
Price $36.00
AG-9166B Plume Agate
Price $31.00
AG-9177B Agatized Stromatolite
Price $42.00
AG-9193B Brazilian Agate
Price $50.00
AG-9213 Montana Agate
Price $34.00
AG-9216 Landscape Agate
Price $48.00
AG-9242 Brazilian Agate Bull's Eye
Price $31.00
AP-1682 Aquaprase
Price $120.00
AP-1786 Aquaprase
Price $86.00
AP-1843 Aquaprase
Price $104.00
AP-1907 Aquaprase
Price $229.00
AP-1913 Aquaprase
Price $103.00
AP-1915 Aquaprase
Price $111.00
AP-2012 Aquaprase
Price $280.00
AP-2085 Aquaprase
Price $267.00
BC-1715 Namibian Blue Chalcedony
Price $380.00

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