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Drusy is a crystal habit found within many gemstone species in which tiny crystals of that mineral cover a matrix surface. With care in setting and wearing most types can be used in jewelry.

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AZ-4340B Drusy Azurite: 42.4 ct.
Price $85.00
CC-5235B Cobalto-calcite Drusy: 36.3 ct.
Price $91.00
CHL-5138B Chalcopyrite Drusy: 19.5 ct.
Price $59.00
HM-4275B Drusy Botryoidal Hemimorphite: 91 ct.
Price $182.00
PY-4385B Drusy Pyrite: ~ 55ct.
Price $558.00
Q-2070B Drusy Quartz: 26.6 ct.
Price $72.00
You Save: $8.00
Q-4792B Drusy Quartz: 30.6 ct.
Price $69.30
You Save: $7.70
RP-4066B Rainbow Pyrite Druse: 13.7 ct.
Price $69.00
RP-4327B Rainbow Pyrite Druse: 13.2 ct.
Price $66.00
T-4351J Pink Tourmaline / Cobalto-calcite Drusy 14k Necklace
Price $526.50

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