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Agates are translucent to opaque, usually banded, cryptocrystalline quartzes. With a hardness of 7 they are excellent jewelry stones. Their wide variation of pattern and color make them collector favorites as well.

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AG-1162 Montana Girasol Agate
Price $42.00
AG-1170 Botswana Agate
Price $67.00
AG-1605 Brazilian Girasol Agate
Price $42.00
AG-1610 'Royal Aztec' Agate
Price $65.00
AG-1622 Mexican Agate
Price $39.00
AG-1627 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1654 Brazilian Agate
Price $38.00
AG-1661 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1727 Brazilian Agate
Price $38.00
AG-1731 Brazilian Agate
Price $32.00
AG-1906 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1912 Chihuahua Agate
Price $42.00
AG-1914 Mexican Agate
Price $32.00
AG-1927 Brazilian Agate
Price $37.00
AG-1934 Brazilian Agate
Price $45.00
AG-2010 Cojamito Agate
Price $32.00
AG-2056 Brazilian Agate
Price $43.00
AG-2061 Brazilian Agate
Price $50.00
AG-2768B Montana Agate Carving: ~60 ct.
Price $360.00
AG-3995B Montana Agate Carving: 14.36 ct.
Price $65.00
AG-4387B Purple Agate: ~ 70 ct.
Price $70.00
AG-4434B Malawi Agate Set: 45 ct. tw.
Price $158.00
AG-9166B Plume Agate
Price $31.00
AG-9177B Agatized Stromatolite
Price $42.00
AG-9193B Brazilian Agate
Price $50.00
AG-9216 Landscape Agate
Price $48.00
AG-9242 Brazilian Agate Bull's Eye
Price $31.00
AM-9178B Amygdule
Price $56.00
BO-5086B Black Onyx and White Plume Agate Doublet: 14.6 ct.
Price $51.00
CA-8030 Dieter Lorenz Carnelian Carving
Price $295.00
FA-1137 Fire Agate
Price $36.00
FA-6449 Fire Agate
Price $62.00
FA-7636 Fire Agate
Price $70.00
J-8000 Laguna Agate Custom Carved Pendant
Price $1,480.00
You Save: $370.00
MA-1374 Montana Girasol Agate
Price $27.00

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