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Jasper is solid, or patterned, opaque cryptocrystalline quartz. Often named for its pattern, mine location or color, the many types delight jewelry lovers and collectors alike. With hardness of 7, jasper makes a good jewelry stone.

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AM-4660J Amethyst and Imperial Jasper Sterling Necklace
Price $190.00
IN-4797B Multi-gem Intarsia: ~ 95 ct.
Price $190.00
J-9126B Jasper and Smoky Quartz Sterling Pendant
Price $150.00
J-9149B Mookaite/Orissa Garnet Pendant
Price $110.00
J-9151B Sterling Silver Jasper Pendant
Price $67.00
JA-1600 'Imperial' Jasp-Agate
Price $32.00
JA-2751B Morrisonite Jasper: 52 ct.
Price $65.00
JA-3157B: Madagascar Jasper: 25.8 ct.
Price $51.00
JA-3302B "African Queen" Jasper: ~ 70 ct.
Price $70.00
JA-4170B Sunset Ledge Jasper: 13.2 ct.
Price $60.00
JA-4214B "Ribbon" Jasper: ~100 ct.
Price $75.00
JA-4491B Fossilized Palmwood Jasper Pair 20.2 ct. tw.
Price $71.00
JA-5250B Owyhee Jasper: ~ 57 ct.
Price $57.00
Price $35.00
JA-6527 Cripple Creek Picture Jasper
Price $78.00
JA-8051 Morrison Jasper Pair
Price $75.00
JA-9010 Savannah Jasper Pair
Price $72.00
JA-9100B Succor Creek Jasper
Price $37.00
JA-9102B Oolitic Jasper Pair
Price $37.00
JA-9104B Picture Jasper
Price $37.00
JA-9106B Ocean Wave Jasper
Price $38.00
JA-9109B Guadalupe Jasper
Price $39.00
JA-9111B Picture Jasper
Price $33.00
JA-9130B Spiderweb Jasper
Price $32.00
JA-9138B Guadalajara Jasper
Price $98.00
JA-9163B Guadalupe Jasper
Price $33.00
JA-9165B Owyhee Jasper
Price $37.00
JA-9181B Biggs Jasper
Price $45.00
JA-9196B Jasper Cicada Bead
Price $32.00
JA-9202B Imperial Jasper
Price $33.00
JA-9214 Bruneau Jasper
Price $90.00
JA-9224 Madagascar Jasper
Price $32.00
JA-9228 Owyhee Jasper
Price $51.00
JA-9231 Morrison Ranch Jasper Pair
Price $62.00
JA-9247 Jasper
Price $41.00

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