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Opal is a gemstone species with many different varieties, all consisting of hydrated silicon dioxide. The structure is amorphous rather than crystalline, and with hardness of 6 they are somewhat fragile. Opal gems are transparent, translucent or opaque with a wide range of body colors and may or may not include the matrix rock or have play of color. Those types with play of color and little to no matrix are generally designated as precious opal. Among the many named varieties are Mexican, cherry, blue, crystal, boulder and contra luz opals. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October.

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MO-3120B Mexican Opal: 3.6 ct.
Price $90.00
MO-3151B Mexican Opal: 13.8 ct.
Price $483.00
MO-3283B Mexican Opal: 4.41 ct.
Price $265.00
MO-4407B Faceted Precious Mexican Contra-luz Opal Carving 46.8 ct.
Price $1,404.00
MO-5163B Cherry Opal: 3.63 ct.
Price $234.00
MO-5313B Oregon Opal: 4.07 ct.
Price $204.00
OP-5802B Peruvian Pink Opal Bead: 44.9 ct.
Price $108.00
You Save: $27.00
OP-7059 Cat's Eye Opal
Price $122.00
OP-7173 Cat's Eye Opal
Price $119.00
OP-8003 Boulder Opal Bead
Price $150.00
OP-8035 Solid Precious Opal
Price $425.00
OP-8097 Mexican Fire Opal Tablet
Price $105.00
OP-9194B Boulder Opals
Price $82.00
OP-9207B Hydrophane Opal
Price $31.00
OP-9240 Brazilian Crystal Opal
Price $125.00
OP-9254 Opal Doublet Carved Butterfly Wings
Price $100.00
OP-9263 Boulder Opal
Price $105.00
OP-9266 Andamooka Matrix Opal
Price $70.00
OP-9267 White Opal
Price $130.00

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