Our Products: Gemstone Jewelry
In this listing, you'll find jewelry items in silver and/or gold set with a variety of natural gemstones. Most rings can be sized, most pendants offer the option of a 16" light chain.

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AM-4660J Amethyst and Imperial Jasper Sterling Necklace
Price $190.00
BO-2806J Black Onyx/Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Price $175.00
BSJ-1571 Sterling Silver Spectrolite Ring
Price $100.00
You Save: $25.00
BSJ-1660 Sterling Silver Sugilite Ring
Price $46.40
You Save: $11.60
CO-5493J 18k Carved Coral Necklace
Price $1,600.00
FA-5555J Fire Agate and Peridot 14k Pendant
Price $685.00
HW-5734J Victorian Karat Gold Hairwork Brooch
Price $315.00
J-6018 14K Antique Lapis Pin
Price $195.00
J-8000 Laguna Agate Custom Carved Pendant
Price $1,480.00
You Save: $370.00
J-8022 Tektite and Pearl 18K/14K Gold Pin
Price $600.00
You Save: $150.00
J-8029 Chinese Turquoise 14 Kt. Gold Omega Earrings
Price $340.00
J-9124B Sterling Silver Amber Pendant
Price $75.00
J-9126B Jasper and Smoky Quartz Sterling Pendant
Price $150.00
J-9127B Victorian Scarab Pin
Price $180.00
J-9147B Sterling Silver Rainbow Obsidian Ring
Price $65.60
You Save: $16.40
J-9149B Mookaite/Orissa Garnet Pendant
Price $110.00
J-9151B Sterling Silver Jasper Pendant
Price $67.00
J-9271 Custom 14K Ruby/Diamond Pendant
Price $425.00
JKT-6586 18K Yellow and White Gold Tsavorite Necklace
Price $1,950.00
MAZ-5779J Malachite/Azurite Carved Bead Necklace: 105 ct.
Price $175.00
MN-5921J Vintage 14K Chatoyant Moonstone Carved Ring
Price $1,695.00
Q-4232J Smoky Quartz, Moonstone and Fossil Algae Jasper Necklace
Price $148.00
Q-5860J Rutilated Quartz/Hematite Starburst Ring
Price $250.00
T-4351J Pink Tourmaline / Cobalto-calcite Drusy 14k Necklace
Price $421.20
You Save: $105.30
T-4355J Pink and Green Tourmaline 14k White Gold Pin: 2.50 ct. tw.
Price $364.50
T-4562J Green Tourmaline Ring
Price $882.00

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