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Pearls are organic gemstones, the products of various types of fresh and saltwater molluscs, and are composed of calcium carbonate, conchiolin and water. The vast majority are "cultured" with human assistance. They are the only commonly used gemstone which requires no fashioning. The iridescent luster on the surface of a pearl is called the "orient". Pearl is one of the birthstones for the month of June.

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BO-2806J Black Onyx/Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Price $175.00
CP-9140B Rare Conch Pearl
Price $1,600.00
J-8022 Tektite and Pearl 18K/14K Gold Pin
Price $750.00
P-6702 Chinese Cultured Freshwater Pearl Cluster
Price $72.00
PE-4878B Cultured American Abalone Blister Pearl Carving: 14.0 ct.
Price $240.00
PE-5900B Hand Carved American Abalone Blister Pearl: 17.2 ct.
Price $215.00
PE-9233 Natural Oyster Pearl
Price $424.00
PE-9235 Natural Oyster Pearl 'Twins'
Price $140.00
PE-9236 Natural Oyster Pearl
Price $130.00
PE-9237 Abalone Pearl
Price $297.00
PE-9239 Conch Pearl
Price $105.00
PE-9241 Fresh Water Pearl Cross
Price $62.00

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