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Quartz is the mineral silicon dioxide and has many varieties, ranging from crystalline to cryptocrystalline and from transparent to opaque in many colors. Varieties include, amethyst, citrine, smoky and rose quartz, and chalcedony, aventurine, agate and jasper. All types have hardness of 7 and make good jewelry stones.

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AM-9178B Amygdule
Price $56.00
CEQ-7304 Cat's Eye Quartz
Price $85.00
CO-8072 Fossilized Drusy Coral
Price $115.00
CQ-7763 Cat's Eye Quartz
Price $38.00
DQ-6577 Drusy Quartz Carving
Price $72.00
DQ-9115B Drusy Quartz
Price $72.00
DQ-9172B Natural Drusy Quartz
Price $60.00
FQ-1781 Fire Quartz
Price $434.00
GQ-5611B Gold in Quartz: 21.9 ct.
Price $1,643.00
GQ-6328 Alaskan Gold in Quartz
Price $275.00
J-9126B Jasper and Smoky Quartz Sterling Pendant
Price $150.00
Q-0519C Multi-phantom quartz bullet: 17.5 ct.
Price $145.00
Q-1122 Star Rose Quartz
Price $110.00
Q-1174 Star Rose Quartz
Price $100.00
Q-1215 Rose Quartz Earring Jackets
Price $46.00
Q-1279 Star Rose Quartz Pair
Price $80.00
Q-1347 Cacoxinite in Quartz
Price $88.00
Q-1364 Star Rose Quartz
Price $75.00
Q-1368 Star Rose Quartz
Price $86.00
Q-1415 Star Rose Quartz
Price $76.00
Q-1439 Lepidocrosite and Hematite in Quartz
Price $94.00
Q-1508 Star Rose Quartz
Price $85.00
Q-1535 Star Rose Quartz
Price $47.00
Q-1569 Star Rose Quartz
Price $52.00
Q-1624 Lepidocrocite in Quartz
Price $41.00
Q-1670 Lepidocrocite in Quartz
Price $52.00
Q-2070B Drusy Quartz: 26.6 ct.
Price $80.00
Q-3091B Drusy Quartz Carving: 18.98 ct.
Price $161.00
Q-3222B Drusy Quartz Carving: 19.5 ct.
Price $137.00
Q-3618B Quartz with Crystal Phantoms: 29.3 ct.
Price $103.00
Q-3641B Tourmalinated Quartz Carving: 27.8 ct.
Price $125.00
Q-3661B Drusy Quartz Carving: 13.6 ct.
Price $136.00
Q-3898B Blue Tiger'seye Quartz: 26.4 ct.
Price $331.00
Q-4211B Gold on Quartz and Pyrite: ~230 cts
Price $230.00
Q-4232J Smoky Quartz, Moonstone and Fossil Algae Jasper Necklace
Price $148.00

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