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Gems fashioned in this way have had some of the facets on the pavilion and/or crown cut with cylindrical cutting tools which create concave, rather than the more typically seen flat facets. This technique can create special outline shapes in the gem, and makes for greater brilliance and unique reflective patterns. Extra time and care is required to cut them and few facetors have mastered the craft.

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AM-6352 Siberian Amethyst
Price $225.00
AT-5175B Ametrine: 8.2 ct.
Price $287.00
BE-4973B Golden Beryl: 6.7 ct.
Price $302.00
CR-4822B Chyrsoberyl: 2.15 ct.
Price $258.00
M-5695B Morganite: 7.27 ct.
Price $872.00
Q-4217B Citrine: 24.3 ct.
Price $486.00
Q-4308B Citrine: 28.1 ct.
Price $421.00
Q-4771B Rose Quartz: 5.60 ct.
Price $112.00
Q-5636B Citrine: 3.2 ct.
Price $208.00

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