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Carving is done with specialized tools and requires both technical expertise and artistic ability. Carving can create an abstract, stylized or representational form, or it can be used to add detail to a faceted or cabochon cut stone.

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AG-2768B Montana Agate Carving: ~60 ct.
Price $360.00
AG-3995B Montana Agate Carving: 14.36 ct.
Price $65.00
AM-4023B Amethyst: 9.25 ct.
Price $116.00
AM-4154B Amethyst: 11.3 ct.
Price $226.00
AME-8087 Fantasy Cut Ametrine
Price $580.00
AMM-5043B Solid Carved Ammolite: 16.3 ct
Price $326.00
AMM-5705B Solid Ammolite Carved Cabochon: 28.0 ct.
Price $336.00
AQ-2126B Aquamarine Faceted Carving: 2.4 ct.
Price $144.00
AQ-5930B Aquamarine: 10.3 ct.
Price $168.00
AT-8013B Ametrine Carving
Price $420.00
BE-3931B Bicolored Beryl Carving: 56.1 ct.
Price $1,122.00
BO-7712 Black Onyx Seahorse
Price $105.00
BSJ-1549 Burmese Jadeite Pendant
Price $400.00
CA-8030 Dieter Lorenz Carnelian Carving
Price $295.00
CH-5519B Blue Chalcedony Carving: ~ 75ct.
Price $300.00
CH-6482 Chrysoprase Scarab
Price $50.00
CH-7759 Chrysoprase Octopus
Price $55.00
DU-4071B Dumortierite Carving: 31.7 ct.
Price $158.00
EM-4330B Emerald Carving: 6.5 ct.
Price $325.00
GA-4729B Hydrogrossular Garnet Carved Cabochon: 8.6 ct.
Price $172.00
J-8000 Laguna Agate Custom Carved Pendant
Price $1,850.00
JA-4170B Sunset Ledge Jasper: 13.2 ct.
Price $60.00
JD-1245 Nephrite Jade Triskele Carving
Price $170.00
LL-6974 Lapis Lazuli Carving
Price $54.00
MAZ-5779J Malachite/Azurite Carved Bead Necklace: 105 ct.
Price $175.00
Price $338.00
MN-4285B Carved Moonstone Cabochon: 7.6 ct.
Price $57.00
MN-5921J Vintage 14K Chatoyant Moonstone Carved Ring
Price $1,695.00
MO-4407B Faceted Precious Mexican Contra-luz Opal Carving 46.8 ct.
Price $1,404.00
OP-5505B Solid Black Opal Carving: 37.5 ct.
Price $3,750.00
OP-8003 Boulder Opal Bead
Price $150.00
OP-9254 Opal Doublet Carved Butterfly Wings
Price $100.00
P-5001B Peridot Carving: 7.3 ct.
Price $183.00
PC-1401 Precious Coral Gourd
Price $88.00
PE-4878B Cultured American Abalone Blister Pearl Carving: 14.0 ct.
Price $240.00

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