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Tourmaline a complex borosilicate mineral that occurs in a very wide range of colors from colorless to yellow, red, brown, green, blue, black and multicolor. With a hardness of 7.5 it makes a good jewelry stone.

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CET-9107B Cat's Eye Tourmaline
Price $100.80
Q-5461B Tourmalinated Quartz: 16.2 ct.
Price $36.90
T-0714B Bicolored Tourmaline: 3.8 cts
Price $205.20
T-1014 Nigerian Tourmaline
Price $58.50
T-1070 Rubellite Tourmaline Pair
Price $70.20
T-1120 Tourmaline
Price $53.00
T-1138 Tourmaline
Price $135.00
T-1147 Namibian Tourmaline
Price $43.00
T-1152 Rubellite Tourmaline
Price $125.00
T-1176 Tourmaline
Price $42.00
T-1212 Tourmaline
Price $57.00
T-1263 Tourmaline
Price $51.00
T-1280 Tourmaline
Price $60.00
T-1334 Rubellite Tourmaline
Price $40.00
T-1625 Nigerian Tourmaline
Price $64.00
T-1737 Nigerian Tourmaline
Price $98.00
T-2681B Chrome Tourmaline: 2.4 ct.
Price $315.00
T-2811B Carved Tourmaline Set: 36.7 ct. tw.
Price $330.30
T-4094B Chrome Tourmaline: .60 ct.
Price $216.00
T-4351J Pink Tourmaline / Cobalto-calcite Drusy 14k Necklace
Price $526.50
T-4355J Pink and Green Tourmaline 14k White Gold Pin: 2.50 ct. tw.
Price $364.50
T-4562J Green Tourmaline Ring
Price $882.00
T-5383B Chrome Tourmaline: .72 ct.
Price $162.00
T-5938B Bi-color Tourmaline: 3.88 ct.
Price $522.90
T-6371 Carved Tourmaline Pair
Price $126.00
T-6631 Tourmaline
Price $35.00
T-6986 Bi-Colored Tourmaline
Price $46.80
T-7071 Mozambique Tourmaline
Price $128.00
T-7271 Tourmaline
Price $76.50
T-7548 Bi-color Tourmaline
Price $37.80
T-7733 Namibian Tourmaline
Price $153.00
T-7933 Rubellite Pair
Price $117.00
T-9156B Tourmaline
Price $35.10
TNQ-9223 Tourmaline in Quartz
Price $54.00

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