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Topaz is found in a wide range of hues from colorless to yellow, orange, brown, and pink to near red. Colorless topaz is often irradiated and/or heated to achieve stable shades of blue. With a hardness of 8 topaz makes a durable gemstone. Yellow to orange topaz is the traditional birthstone for the month of November.

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TO-4204B Precious Topaz: 2.24 ct.
Price $302.00
TO-4979B Precious Topaz: 1.32 ct.
Price $495.00
TO-5331B Precious Topaz: 4.6 ct.
Price $690.00
TO-5524B Precious Topaz: 1.31 ct.
Price $262.00
TO-8068 London Blue Topaz
Price $186.00

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