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Tanzanite is blue to violet zoisite that shows distinct pleochroism. Most Tanzanite on the market has been heated to turn brownish stones to a stable blue/violet. Occasionally specimens heat to green or blue green. With a hardness of 6.5 some care is required in setting and wearing Tanzanite jewelry. Tanzanite is an alternate birthstone for the month of December.

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TA-4705B Tanzanite: 1.08 ct.
Price $648.00
TA-5228B Tanzanite: 4.76 ct.
Price $3,472.00
TA-5813B Tanzanite: 2.79 ct.
Price $1,953.00
TA-5875B Tanzanite: 1.13 ct.
Price $424.00
TZ-6373 Tanzanite
Price $190.00
TZ-6666 Tanzanite
Price $135.00

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