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Turquoise is hydrated copper aluminum phosphate. It is one of the first gemstones mined and fashioned by humans. Colors range through shades of blue and green, most specimens have some matrix rock present. Relatively fragile and porous, jewelry pieces should be protected from chemicals which may cause color changes. Turquoise is an alternate birthstone for the month of December.

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J-8029 Chinese Turquoise 14 Kt. Gold Omega Earrings
Price $340.00
TQ-1789 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Price $49.00
TQ-1793 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Price $60.00
TQ-1802 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Price $45.00
TQ-1832 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Price $52.00
TQ-4014B Kingman Turquoise: 33.1 ct.
Price $66.00
TQ-9108B Turquoise
Price $31.00
TQ-9134B Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Price $47.00

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