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Botyroidal Gems are those in which the surface of the gem has a bubbly or grape cluster like appearance. Many different species or varieties occasionally occur in this form, some are defined by it (ex. fire agate).

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CH-5049B Botryoidal Blue Chalcedony: 36.7 ct.
Price $147.00
CH-9112B Botroidal Chalcedony
Price $38.00
CH-9244 Botroyoidal Chalcedony
FA-6449 Fire Agate
Price $62.00
GO-6508 Goethite Cabochon
Price $37.00
HE-3933B Botryoidal Hematite: 10.1 ct.
Price $40.00
HM-4275B Drusy Botryoidal Hemimorphite: 91 ct.
Price $182.00
SM-5143B Botryoidal, Chatoyant Smithsonite: ~ 60 ct.
Price $180.00

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