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J-8022 Tektite and Pearl 18K/14K Gold Pin
SKU: J-8022

J-8022 Tektite and Pearl 18K/14K Gold Pin(J). 50.8x 10.3x 6.1mm tapered baguette carved tektite with a 9.5mm South Seas pearl[Gec:N]. This unique pin was created by Alex Horst and was fashioned using 14K to mount the tektite and 18K gold for the cup holding the pearl. The endcap for the pin is base metal. This tektite was found in China.The South Seas pearls are cultured in Tahiti and the areas near Australia and the nation of French Polynesia has set stringent guidelines to guaranteee the quality of South Seas pearls. To mount the tektite, Mr. Horst drilled four tiny holes into the base of the tektite so that four 14K white gold pins could be inserted to hold the tektite securely. Very ingenious, to say the least! KH

Price: $750.00


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